Why Does My Urine Split Into Two Streams?

Why Does My Urine Split Into Two Streams?

Why is it that when I pee, my urine divides into two streams? Two streams of urine during urination is a condition that many people experience. For some it happens quite occasionally, whereas for others it is almost a daily occurrence. The technical name for a urine stream that splits is Split Stream Urination. Split stream urination is a condition that is very common in males than it is in females. It is characterized by urine splitting into two or more different directions during the act of urinating.

In this article we will take a look at the possible causes of two streams of urine and see whether it can be something that should cause worry to us or something that should just be ignored.

Reasons why during urination urine divides into two streams

There are so many reasons why one’s urine stream can split during the process of peeing. Some of these reasons are very common and need not to be worried about at all, but others can be as a result of a grave medical condition which need instant medical attention.

Let us start by looking at the most common causes of two streams of urine.

Ejaculation: many experience split urination hours after they have had an ejaculation. This is said to be one of the most common causes of this condition. How does this happen? During ejaculation, semen is ejected through the male urethra to the outside of the body. As the semen passes through the urethra, some get stuck in the tube and get dry. And since urine also passes through the same urethra that semen passes through, the dry semen acts as an obstruction and causes the urine to split into two while you are peeing. This is the reason why some hours after ejaculation many males will notice a split in their urine while peeing. This however, does not happen all the time.

In order to avoid this, it is advised that one pees after an ejaculation so that the urine can wash away any stuff (semen) left behind in the urethra.

Low pee pressure: When the pressure of the urine is not high then the stream of urine can easily split. This is another very common cause of a split stream urination. Many would notice that they experience their urine splitting into two or more parts mainly when the pressure of their pee is very low. The reason a low pee pressure can cause a split urine stream is because if for instance, there is a minor obstruction in the urethra caused by dry semen, the pressure from the urine would not be powerful enough to wash the obstruction away. This would therefore lead to the obstruction splitting the urine. But if the pressure is quite high then the obstruction would just be pushed away by the sheer pressure of the urine and there would be nothing to split the urine.

The above rank amongst the most common reasons why your urine might split into two streams when urinating. These are nothing serious and should be nothing to be worried about.

There are however, other worrying reasons why a person’s urine might divide into two or more streams. They are as follows:

Congenital urethral fistula: the name sounds quite serious and so is its effect. This is a medical condition that comes as a result of a birth defect. Congenital urethral fistula is a rare cause of two streams of urine. This condition causes an abnormal passage to develop between the urethra and the penile skin, leading to two streams of urine during urination. One of the streams of urine comes from the urethral whereas the other comes from the abnormal passage or fistula created by the congenital urethral fistula.

Urethral duplication/two urethras: this is another rare but very likely cause of two streams of urine during urination. This is also a birth defect just like the one above. What the urethral duplication does is it causes a man to have two urethras instead of the normal one that majority of men have. When a male is plagued by this medical condition, then the male has a high a likelihood of experiencing two streams of urine when urinating.

Both medical conditions require medical attention.

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