What Is Rigor Mortis?

Rigor Mortis is one of the signs experts use to tell that a person or animal is dead. It is one of the most obvious signs that a living person or animal has died. Rigor mortis is the process of the stiffening of the joints of the body a few hours after a person dies.

Rigor Mortis occurs in both animals and humans. Rigor mortis is caused by the chemical changes that occur in the muscles some moments after the life in the body goes away. According to experts, the chemical changes that take place will make the limbs of the corpse to become stiff. The stiffness makes it very difficult to move the joints. Rigor mortis starts happening in a human being about three to four hours after the person has died. It starts with the muscles in the eyelids, the person’s neck before moving to the jaw.

After affecting these places, the rigor mortis moves to other parts of the body over the next hours. It even affects the internal organs. Rigor mortis can last in a corpse for close to 60 hours after death.

Usually in the corpse of children and babies, rigor mortis is not easily noticeable. The reason this is the case is because of the fact that these individuals have very small muscle mass.