What is a Verbal Adjective?

What is a verbal adjective? A verbal adjective is also called the Participle. This is a non-finite type of verb that performs the function of an adjective. Adjectives qualify or describe nouns, and verbal adjectives also do the same.

A verbal adjective is basically an adjective that has the form of a verb.

Examples of verbal adjectives in sentences

  • The burning building belongs to our headmaster. (burning is an adjective that is describing the noun ‘building‘)
  • The weeping child has lost his way. (weeping is an adjective describing the noun child)
  • These are trying times. (trying is describing the noun times)
  • I was given a sleeping tablet by my doctor yesterday. (sleeping is an adjective describing the noun tablet)
  • The disgraced politician has committed suicide. (disgraced is an adjective describing the noun politician)
  • Mike Tyson has a punching bag. (punching is an adjective describing the noun bag)

All the highlighted words in the sentences above are verbal adjectives or participles because although they are verbs, they are functioning as adjectives and qualifying their respective nouns.