World’s Most Tattooed Person

Have you ever wondered who the world’s most tattooed person is? If you have ever wondered who this person is then let me introduce you to Lucky Diamond Rich who happens to be the world’s most tattooed person. Lucky Diamond Rich was born Gregory Paul Mclaren in 1971 in New Zealand. Lucky Diamond Rich presently is known all over the world for one strange thing which is the presence of tattoos all over his body….

Most Tattooed Man In Britain

The name he was given at birth was Mathew Whelan and he has earned for himself the bizarre title of Britain’s most tattooed man because of the astonishing amounts of tattoos that he has on his body. According to reports, there is no one in the whole of Britain that has more tattoos than 33-year-old whose fascination with tattoos has made him legally change his name from Mathew Whelan to ‘Body Art’. Can you believe…