Weebly Website Builder Review

Weebly offers you the possibility to easily create a website without requiring any particular technical skills. Thanks to its drag and drop system, this web-hosting service allows you to place all elements of your website with ease. Indeed, you can simply place photos or text wherever you please. Due to its simplicity, you will learn how to use Weebly and all its components quickly, so you won’t waste any time on figuring out the basics. All templates are extremely responsive, meaning every page will have its own well designed mobile version. Moreover, Android and iPhone apps are available, giving you access to most features even from your phone.

The entire interface and layout are intuitive and pleasant. Weebly includes all the basics to build your website, whether a blog or an e-Commerce platform, like images, videos, texts, buttons etc. All modifications to your website can be made on a page identical to the live version of your website. Thanks to this feature, you directly see all changes and have no surprises.

Weebly’s interface is well structured, which makes it easier to rapidly visualise all functionalities. The dashboard is an asset due to its practicality and ergonomic layout. It is simple to get around, especially thanks to the toolbar on the side, and a horizontal bar at the top for further settings. On the side toolbar, you’ll find what you need to add widgets, but not all features will be accessible in the free version of the website builder.

The offered templates are modern and elegant, nonetheless, some might argue there were more of them. On the positive side, they are always responsive, and flexible, as you can modify the source code, on top of adding widgets. You can also add blogs and manage them directly from Weebly, by scheduling posts, integrating a comment section etc., but unlike with your websites, blogs can only be managed by one user.

Other elements such as graphs or calendars are available on Weebly’s app store. A statistics tool is integrated, even in the free version of the builder. If you would rather have more detailed stats, you can use Google Analytics with no difficulty.

Even though Weebly does offer a certain flexibility especially for html proficient users, it does have its limits. For example, creating multilingual websites remains a complicated task, especially when using different alphabets such as Cyrillic or Arabic, as they are not fully supported by the system. Additionally, all payment methods are not available. If you want to use methods like PayPal, you will have no issue, otherwise, you will need to be flexible and consider paying for the “business” package.

All features are not available in the free version, but the prices are very straightforward and easy to understand. Your basic subscription is free, but your website will include an advert section at the bottom of the page. The ad will disappear if you choose the “starter” package, which requires a small fee, and allows you to customise the bottom of your page. The “pro” package gives you access to many additional features. Your domain name will be free for the first year only, but if you’ve already bought it, you are able to redirect it to Weebly.

Generally, Weebly is very recommendable for users who want to build a website quickly, without wanting to learn how to use more complicated builders like WordPress for example. You will still end up saving time and money, even though you might need the “pro” package to get everything done as you please. Their app store is also a plus, as it allows you to truly personalise your website without any hassle.