Two University Of Utah Football Players Shot Outside House Party

The two University of Utah players who were shot on Saturday night in Salt Lake City.
The two University of Utah players who were shot on Saturday night in Salt Lake City.

We have just received news that two University of Utah football players have been injured after being shot on Saturday night.

According to police, the two footballers, Lo Falemaka and Marcel Brooks-Brown, were injured after being shot during an altercation which took place at a house party in Salt Lake City.

Three suspects are currently being hunted for by the police in connection with the shootings.

According to eyewitnesses, the three suspects arrived at the party at the Salk Lake City house but were denied entry. This didn’t go down too well with them leading to an altercation shortly after which one of the suspects pulled out his weapon and fired several times at the football players.

Unfortunately for the two University of Utah football players, they were both hit in the torso immediately after which the suspects fled the scene.

The injured players were subsequently rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors say they are currently in stable condition and should make full recovery soon.

Eyewitnesses say two of the supects are black males whereas the third is a white male. All three suspects are said to be in their 20s and still being hunted by the police.

We are monitoring this story and will keep readers updated on any new development. But in the meantime, we can’t help but ask this question: When will all these unnecessary shootings and gun violence end in America?

It looks like not a day goes by without one not hearing of someone or a group of people being shot and injured or killed in the United States.

Is there any end in sight to gun violence in the United States?