How To Smell Good All The Time

how to smell goodIt is said that majority of people who smell bad don’t know it until someone is bold enough to let them know that they smell bad. What if you smelled bad and no one was bold enough to let you know that you smelled bad?

In this column we are going to take a look at how to smell good – the simple things that you can do in order to smell pleasant.

Before we delve into the steps that can be taken in order to keep yourself smelling good, let us first find out why we get body odor. Why does the body smell bad sometimes? The reason the body gives off bad odor is mainly because of sweatand bacteria on the body. And since everybody sweats and has trillions of bacteria on their body, everybody has the tendency to smell bad from time to time.

Why does sweat cause the body to smell bad? Sweat by itself does not cause the body to smell bad. But when sweat mixes up with bacteria found on the skin, then the end result is bad odor. This is the number one cause of body odor in human beings.

From the above, it appears that the best way to prevent body odor is to keep the body from sweating. If there is no sweat then there would be nothing for the bacteria on the skin to mix with to give off offensive odor. This sounds great! But sadly we cannot stop the body from sweating. Whether we like it or not we are going to sweat. While sweat might seem like a curse, it is actually needed by the body to keep it cool. So if we cannot get rid of sweat, what else can we do in order to prevent body odor and smell good all the time even after we have been drenched in sweat?

How to smell good all the time

Without further ado let us begin taking a look at some of the best ways to smell good and get rid of bad odors from your body:

Bathe or shower regularly: I guess this first point is so obvious? If you want to smell good then it is imperative that you bath on a regular basis – and by that I mean bath daily, preferably in the mornings and evenings before you go to bed. While bathing, it is important that you wash thoroughly places like your armpits and genital regions, for these are the regions that normally make you smell bad if they are not washed well enough. You can use a scented soap, body wash and shampoo for the best results. Doing this simple thing will massively reduce your risk of suffering from body odor and keep you smelling reasonably good the entire day. Remember that you cannot smell good if you do not have a thorough bath at least twice a day – preferably in the mornings and evenings. By a thorough bath, I refer to a bath that sees you washing all your body parts very well – especially the hidden parts of your body.

  • For the females, it is imperative that you pay particular attention to your vaginal region and under your breasts when bathing. Make sure that you wash these areas very well in order to avoid them from producing offensive odor after you sweat. Keeping these places thoroughly clean will play a huge role in keeping you fresh even if you get sweaty.
  • When you shower or bathe, don’t forget to properly clean your anal region and thoroughly scrub your armpits, your neck, the back of your ears and your inner thighs because these places are where odor causing bacteria love to hide and cause you to smell bad especially when you start to sweat anal region when you have a shower or bathe. In bathing, many overlook the importance of spending a good amount of time cleaning the anal region. But this is very important because this place is another major reason some people don’t smell so good. This area needs to be washed thoroughly each time you have a shower  because of the fact that fecal residue and bacteria tend to accumulate a lot in the region. You need to wash this area thoroughly in order to get rid of anything there that would contribute towards making you smell bad.
  • Also, your feet must be scrubbed very well if you want to smell fresh. Everybody knows how the feet can get stinky especially after one has produced some amount of sweat in the area. When having a shower, you should take some time to thoroughly scrub your feet and the spaces between your toes. When you finish your shower, it is imperative that while drying your body you use your towel to dry your feet and the spaces between your toes thoroughly.


Wear a good deodorant: Wearing good deodorant with an appealing fragrance will work wonders for you in keeping you free from body odor. I know many people who tend to sweat a lot and go in for ordinary deodorants and they do not achieve anything from it. If you are a person who sweats a lot, then try using an antiperspirant. As we all might know, the reason we tend to have body odor is because of one major thing which is sweat. So it goes without saying that if we go about applying the right deodorant or antiperspirant, then we can maintain a good body smell throughout the day, regardless of our busy schedule all day.

Wear clean clothes all the time: Do you know that you can easily develop bad odor if the clothes that you wear are not fresh or clean? This is another very important step you should take into consideration if you want to fight body odor and smell good all the time. Wearing dirty clothes will only worsen your case as dirty clothes tend to be full of sweat which will make you smell bad within the shortest period of time. Always wear clean clothes if you want to smell good. This is one of the best ways to smell good.

Wear socks: I know many people who do not like to wear socks. They just put their feet into their shoes and walk about all day not knowing that their action is giving them bad smelling feet. The reason it is important to wear socks all the time is because we sweat a lot on our feet, and as we might all know, sweat is what causes odor. We therefore need something that would be capable of absorbing the sweat on our feet so that it does not smell bad, and that is where the pair of socks comes in handy. Wearing socks will absorb all the sweat from your foot and make that part of your body smelling good.

Wear a good cologne and perfume: If you want your body to smell good and you stay away from using a perfume or cologne, then I can’t help but wonder what you are thinking about! Wearing a good cologne and perfume is imperative for a pleasant smelling body. The best way to apply a perfume or cologne is to spray it on your neck, wrists, stomach area, back and maybe your knee area. Please try to be modest when applying perfumes or colognes. Don’t abuse them. You don’t want to walk around town smelling like a bottle of perfume, do you?

Wash your hair: This is very important for women and people who leave long and bushy hairs. Washing your hair frequently plays a very important role in keeping you smelling good. For people with long and bushy hair it is advisable to wash your hair about three times in a week. This will go a long way in preventing hair odor and making you smell your best all the time.

You should watch your breath: You can’t smell good if you walk around with bad breath. In order to avoid bad breath you should make it an effort to brush your teeth with toothpaste that contains fluoride twice every day. Also make sure that you floss on a daily basis in order to remove food particle lodged between your teeth that can contribute towards the development of bad breath. You should also make sure that you use an alcohol-free mouthwash to rinse your mouth very often. Avoid using a mouthwash that contains alcohol because that will only dry your mouth and increase your risk of developing bad breath. And don’t forget to regularly visit your dentist’s office. You can also carry with you a sugar-free gum all the time so that the moment you begin noticing the smell of your breath is becoming unpleasant, you quickly chew the gum. Sugar-free gums are very good in masking bad breath.  Doing these simple things will save your breath from smelling bad. You can have a fresh smelling body, but the moment you have bad breath, it ruins everything.

The above are just some of the best ways to go about smelling good. I have tried them all and they have always worked for me. If you want to smell good then try the above tips and they will surely work wonders for you like they did for me and are still doing for me. You see that it doesn’t really take much to smell good! Remember that poor hygiene can lead to a whole lot of problems and issues.