Shopify E-Commerce Website Builder Review

Shopify, your easy e-commerce website builder.

Shopify is a website builder specialized in e-commerce. It has everything you will need if you want to launch your online shopping webpage, whether you have limited IT skills or have an advanced level. One of Shopify’s advantages is its varied quality designs (with over a 100 templates) and its several industry related themes. They are all very responsive, meaning they will adapt to tablets and smartphones without any intervention from your part.

Shopify Applications

Another positive point when you choose Shopify is their App Store, in which over 1,100 apps are available (reporting tools, customer service etc.) and perfectly suited to fit a Shopify e-commerce website. Thanks to this, the less tech savvy will find it easy to have a fully functional website with all necessary features. You can, of course, add a basket, the user can pay in any currency and all payment methods are highly secured. It is possible to integrate tools such as Google Analytics and practically monitor SEO evolutions. So whether you want an easy to use platform or would rather make many alterations to the template, you will find what you need. Additionally, Shopify has 24/7 support via phone, online chat or email, which is particularly appreciated for international businesses.

Shopify Pricing

Unfortunately, there are no free options with Shopify. After the 14 days of free trial, you need to choose between 3 main options. The basic plan costs $29 a month. It should be enough to satisfy all your criteria if you’re a beginner, opening a small business etc. The features are limited and the costs are higher (credit card fees, shipping label or the use of external payment gateways) but it is worth it if you are not planning on rapidly growing your client base. The standard option costs $79. Unlike with the basic plan that only allow 2 staff accounts, you will be able to have 5 staff accounts, but also have access to more features such as gift cards or professional reports, which are pleasant advantages. Of course, your credit card rates are diminished, alongside with other additional fees. Finally, the advanced plan has even more features to grow your business, such as an advanced report builder, and allows you to have 15 staff accounts. This option is definitely the most practical for a larger scaled business.

However, other online solutions are available, such as Shopify Lite or Shopify plus. If you also want new benefits for your shop, or bring your online store offline, it might be worth checking their Retail package for different types of hardware tools.

This might be the main benefit of using Shopify to build your website. Because it is specialised in e-commerce, it has all the features you need and beyond. For example, their Point of Sale (POS) System can be operated in parallel to your website and allows you to correlate the management of your retail store and your online platform.