Shocking: Dog With Two Noses

This is the dog with two noses called Snuffles.
This is the dog with two noses called Snuffles.

Would you run away if you were to come across a dog that had two noses? Well, if you would, then my advice to you is never to go to Glasgow, Scotland because in that country exists a very strange dog that was born with two noses.

This is not a joke guys. There is actually a real dog in Scotland that was born with two noses.

The strange dog which goes by the name of Snuffles was born with a very rare congenital birth defect that made him develop what the ordinary people like you and I call two noses.

But according to doctors, Snuffles actually has one nose and not two noses. Experts explained that what appear to be the two noses that Snuffles has actually came as a result of a defect in his palate which caused his nostrils to separate and go their separate ways.

So unlike normal creatures that have their nostrils being joined together, Snuffles’ defect caused a split in his nostrils making him look as though he has two noses.

Snuffles is now known all over the world as the dog with two noses.