Sargon of Akkad’s Empire

Sargon of Akkad's Empire

Sargon of Akkad was a king who founded the first great empire in history. He built his empire in Mesopotamia (now largely Iraq) in about 2300 BCE and got control over much of southwestern  Asia. Sargon was an excellent military  leader and administrator. He was among the first kings to keep a long-term military and to make associates from the royal court to serve as the governors of captured cities. He formed his empire so nicely that it endured under his successors for over sixty years.  Sargon began his political career as cup bearer to the king of Kish. Sargon after seized Kish and the other Sumerian city states. He then led his soldiers to a chain of triumphs that expanded his empire to what’s now Iran in the east and to the Mediterranean Sea and Asia Minor (now Turkey) in the west.  Sargon reigned for 56 years and assembled a brilliant capital city called Akkad.

Things To Know
Sargon made one of his daughters a priestess of the moon god in Ur. The royal standard of Ur, a decorated wooden box, dates from about 2500 bc. On its mosaic panels, farmers parade and soldiers march into conflict.