Police Rescue Kentucky Shop Owner From Giant Python

Police rescue a Kentucky reptile shop owner from a giant python.
Police rescue a Kentucky reptile shop owner from a giant python.

Police have rescued a reptile shop owner from a 20ft python that wrapped itself around him in attempt to crush him to death.

Terry Wilkins, owner of the reptile shop Captive Born Reptiles in Newport, Kentucky, was saved from the jaws of death on Monday when two police officers came to his rescue and pried off the giant python that was about crushing him.

According to news reports, had it not been for the timely intervention of the police, Wilkin would have surely been crushed to death by the 20ft python.

It is not known exactly how the brave police officers freed Wilkins from the python which reportedly had wrapped itself around his neck when the officers arrived. But the brave officers were somehow able to uncurl the python from Wilkins’ neck and free him without killing the python.

Wilkins was initially not breathing when he was rescued but started to breathe as he was being rushed to a nearby hospital. According to doctors, he is currently doing fine.

Wilkins is lucky to be alive thanks to the two brave police officers and a woman present in the shop during the attack who wasted no time in dialing 911 when the reptile attacked.

According to the woman, the python attacked Wilkins just as he was trying to feed it. She said she was so scared when the giant python wrapped itself around Wilkins neck and face that all she could bring herself to do was to dial 911 – an action which eventually saved Wilkins’ life.

Animal control officials visited the reptile shop and are currently deciding whether to remove the reptile from the shop or leave it there.