Phil Collins To Come Out of Retirement?

Phil Collins during an interview
Phil Collins during an interview

Legendary musician Phil Collins is contemplating a comeback into the music industry – an industry that he had dominated for several decades prior to his sudden retirement.

Mr. Collins made this known to the entire world when he was interviewed at the premiere of the Tarzan musical in Stuttgart, Germany this week.

According to the ‘In the Air Tonight’ musician, he has started to think about working on new songs and is also thinking about even going on stage and doing some shows around the world both as a solo artist and with Genesis.

“Everything is possible,” Mr. Collins said during the interview with Bild am Sonntag.

He said if he came out of retirement, he would want to tour places he hadn’t been to before such as Australia and South America.

Mr. Collins who is now 62 hasn’t been on stage to perform as a musician since 2010. And the last time that Collins performed live with Genesis was in 2007.

The last time Mr. Collins released an album of original material was as far back as in 2002 with the album Testify, which featured great hits like ‘Wake Up Call’, ‘Testify’, ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’, ‘The Least You Can Do’ etc.

In 2010, Collins made an album entitled ‘Going Back’ – an album of Motown covers. According to Collins, the release of the album ‘Going Back’ was in order to fulfill his side of the record contract with his record label Atlantic records.  After the release of this album, Collins retired from the music industry in a move that left his millions of fans all over the world blue.

But Collins’ didn’t mean to break his fans’ hearts just like that. He retired from the music scene because of two major things that were beyond his control. The first reason he retired was because of health issues he was facing some time ago. Collins suffered serious nerve damages that made it very difficult for him to do everyday tasks. He said his condition was so bad that he could not even hold the drumsticks let alone play the drums.

The second reason was because he wanted to spend more time with his family – especially with his children Mathew and Nicholas who were very young at that time.

But today Mathew and Nicholas are a little older now. Mathew is now 8 and Nicholas is 12.

According to Collins his young children are encouraging him to get back into the music industry once again so that they can see him perform.

Collins said that his children have inspired him to get back into music, but he is still contemplating taking that action.

Many devoted fans of Phil Collins, myself included cannot wait to see Mr. Collins get back into music. He has been gone so long!