Penpals From U.S.A

Having a pen pal is one of the coolest things that anybody can do online. Pen pals can be found from all countries of the world – from developed countries all the way to impoverished countries. I recently did a small research and found out that the most-sought after pen pals in the world are pen pals from America. I don’t know why this is so but I’m guessing the reason American pen pals are highly sought after is because of the goodwill that the United States has. It seems that everyone, especially people from developing and underdeveloped worlds want an American pen pal.

If your ambition is to get a pen pal from the United States then you are in luck, for this brief article of mine is going to point you to the right place where you can easily meet with great people from the United States and make friends with them.
MyLanguageExchange dot com is the place that you will want to be if you want to get pen pals from America.
The site has a fantastic platform that makes it very easy for you to contact members on there and become friends with them. According to information gathered on, the site has over 500,000 active members, majority of whom are said to log in into the site on a daily basis. The site also claims that dozens of new members join every single day, making it one of the biggest hubs for people wanting to make online friends.

Kwabena Mensah is 19-year-old student who lives in Ghana and has been a member of the site for about a year now. During my interview with him, Kwabena said that the reason he liked was because he found it one of the friendliest ways to make a friend from the United States.
“Thanks to the site I have several American friends, two of whom I have met physically. It is really cool,” Kwabena said
He was indeed right when he said of how cool is. One thing I personally like about the site is the fact that not only can it be used to make good online friends but also it can be used as a medium to learn. When you make a pen pal from the United States, the two of you get to learn about each other’s cultures and get to learn how to speak each other’s languages. Isn’t that just great?
If you are a person who wants to improve your foreign language skills then I recommend this site. You don’t only make friends but also learn.
Before I sign off I’d like to use this opportunity to advise my readers about online friendships and relationships. It is very important that you take great caution when venturing into the online pen pal or relationship world.

I stress on the word caution again. The reason I’m hammering on the word caution is because of the fact that not all people are what they present themselves to be online. There are a lot of deceptive and cunning people out there, and many of them are now using the internet to grab their unsuspecting victims. Some of the so called ‘Pen pals’ that you find online could be scammers, fraudsters, rapists, killers and so on. So it is very very important that  you tread cautiously. Failure to do so can result in something highly unpleasant for you.
When trying to make friends online it is imperative that you be extremely cautious and be guided by common sense.