Why is ‘Oedipus the King’, regarded as a masterpiece of Sophocles?

Why is Oedipus the King, regarded as a masterpiece of Sophocles?

‘Oeedipus the King’, is a odd classic. Oedipus saves Thebes in the terrifying sphinx. Nonetheless, it was prophesied he would marry Jocasta, his mom, after killing Laius, his daddy.
The prophecy comes true. Though Oedipus becomes King of Thebes, he understands the dark secret which he’s the assassin of his dad, and also the husband of his mom. He desires to be blinded.
The story of Oedipus the tragic hero, may be the masterpiece of Sophocles. Aristotle commended the play inside the poetics. He regarded it while the classic illustration of Greek tragedy.
Sophocles composed three Thebian plays about Oedipus. Oedipus the King may be the second of the. This play was first performed about 429 BC in Athens. This excellent classic tragedy is also known by a unique Latin name, Oedipus Rex.

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