Lamb Born With Five Legs

Jake, the lamb boen with five legs in Wales.
Jake, the lamb born with five legs in Wales.

In today’s edition of weird stories from around the world, we bring to you lovely readers the very weird story of a five-legged lamb whose birth left us all flabbergasted!

At the Rhiwlas Farm located near Lake Vyrnwy, Powys in mid Wales, a strange lamb was born with five legs instead of the usual four legs that we all know lambs are born with.

The strange lamb which was named Jake was born having two normal hind legs and instead of having two normal front legs came with three.

And what’s more interesting about this story is the fact that Jake even though he was born with this shocking deformity, was still very healthy at birth and could move around the field like any other normal lamb.

Bethan Davies of Rhiwlas farm where Jake was born said it’s not very common for a lamb born with a deformity like that of Jake’s to be healthy at birth. But interestingly Jake beat the odds and was perfectly healthy at birth.

It’s unclear what actually caused Jake to be born with that deformity.

Hmm…we are indeed living in very strange times!