Johnny Marr Answers Questions About His Life

Johnny Marr
Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr, the brilliant guitarist who along with Morrissey catapulted The Smiths to the iconic band that it is today, in 2009 was asked 10 interesting questions about his life. The interview was published by The Observer on 19th July, 2009.

Below are the questions Johnny Marr was asked and the subsequent answers that he gave:

  • What is your attitude to health?

Johnny Marr answered this question by saying that he lived a pretty healthy lifestyle. He said that people assumed that since he was a rock musician, he lived a rock’n’roll lifestyle. Johnny Marr stated that he never lived the lifestyle of a rocker.

  • The second question Johnny Marr was asked is whether he had ever spent a night in a hospital.

Answering this question, Johnny said that he had indeed been hospitalized and had spent a night in a hospital but not a full one. He said that while he was in The Smiths, he crashed a car into a wall as he did not know how to drive by that time. The injury he sustained from that accident was so bad he had to be rushed to a hospital. But he did not keep long there. He was made to wear a neck brace. According to him Morrissey was very envious of the neck brace that he wore. Can you believe that!

  •  Johnny Marr’s third question had to do with how he relaxes.

Marr said that he relaxed by staying up late at night and watching nonsense on YouTube. I don’t know if he was serious about that one.

  • The fourth question wanted to find out what exercise Johnny Marr likes.

Johnny said that his favorite exercise was running. It is by the way still Johnny Marr’s favorite exercise. He is known to be an avid runner. According to Johnny Marr, he developed an interest in running in the early 90s. He stated in the interview that regardless of which place he was, he would make sure that he put on his hoodie and run for miles.

  • Question number five sought to find out how much Johnny Marr liked alcohol.

Johnny said that he used to drink a lot when he was with The Smiths. But according to him for over a decade he had lost interest in drinking alcohol.

  • Question number six moved from drinking to smoking.

The legendary guitarist shocked his interviewer by saying that he used to smoke 40 sticks of cigarettes a day. But thank goodness he has given up that habit. According to him, it took him about three attempts to finally quit smoking. He confessed that it was not an easy thing.

  • Question number 7 also took a similar path, wanting to find out if Johnny Marr did drugs.

Johnny Marr responded to that question by saying that he found people who did drugs stupid. He said that he did not like to be around people who used cocaine. But he said that he had no problem with the use of psychedelics as he found out that it helped in unlocking a person’s creative power.

  • Johnny Marr was asked if worried about his weight.

Johnny gave a simple answer. He said that he never has worried about his weight because he is a vegan.

  • The ninth question sought to find out if sex was important to Johnny Marr.

“Yes,” he said.

  • The final question asked Johnny Marr if he was happy.

Johnny Marr said that he was working on it.

Source: The Observer

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