Interesting Career Path of a Biotechnologist

Interesting Career Path of a Biotechnologist

At the cutting edge of science, biotechnologists use their knowledge of how living organisms function to find solutions to problems and develop new products. Their work includes developing new vaccines against diseases, improving animal feed, growing crops that are more resistant to drought and pests, and improving everyday products, such as cheese and bread.

Biotechnologist Career Path

Biotechnologist is a broad term that encompasses many roles, from high-level research to manufacturing. To work in research, you will need a relevant degree. After specializing in one field, you may find it difficult to move into another. Bellow are the list career path of a biologist.

Technician – If you are a school-leaver, you can begin as a trainee laboratory technician and study part-time for a degree or industry qualification.

Biotechnologist – There are various opportunities to specialize, but each of these strands of biotechnology require further (specialist) study.

Brewing Biotechnologist – Develops new and better methods of brewing and storing beer, lager, and other fermented products.

Biopharmaceutical Analyst – Applies advanced techniques, such as genetic engineering, to develop new drugs used for treating diseases, such as arthritis and high blood pressure.

Clinical Scientist – Works in a hospital carrying out clinical studies and analysing data to develop new therapies or providing diagnoses for medical staff.

Fuels and Chemicals Biotechnologist – Conducts research into the manufacture of cleaner fuels, such as bioethanol, or novel materials, such as biodegradable plastics, which are far more eco-friendly than many of the current products in use.