How To Treat A Boil In The Armpit

boil in the armpitAnyone that has ever had a boil in the armpit will agree with me when I say it is a very painful and discomforting experience. I have experienced it before so I know what I am saying.

What causes a boil to develop in the armpit?

A boil can develop in a person’s armpit through an infection in a hair follicle of the armpit or when bacteria and dirt find their way into a small cut in the armpit. Initially, the boil will begin by forming a small reddish bump. Moments later the bump becomes filled with pus and of course becomes very painful.

How to treat armpit boils

There are so many effective ways that are used by ordinary people and medical doctors in treating boils in the armpit. Among them include the following:

  • Through Lancing: A boil in the armpit can be treated through a small medical procedure known as lancing. This procedure is performed by the use of a scalpel to cut a small hole at the tip of the boil in order to squeeze out the pus in the boil. The letting out of the pus from the boil will help the boil to heal very quickly.

Home remedies to treat boil in the armpit

  • Boils can be treated at home by doing a simple thing like cleansing the boil regularly. According to experts one of the best ways to make a boil in the armpit or any other part of the body heal faster is by taking your time to properly clean the boil and the skin around it. When this is done it goes a long way in preventing spread of dirt and bacteria into the boil to worsen it. You should therefore wash the boil at least two to three times per day. When washing the boil just use water and soap. After properly washing the boil, the next thing you have to do is apply an antibiotic cream on it. Doing this religiously will help the boil heal faster.
  • Never expose your boil to dirt: I know so many people who when plagued with boil keep touching the boil with their hands. You should never do that, for your hands contain a lot of dirt and bacteria. If you want to touch the boil then it is imperative that you thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Applying tea tree oil on the boil: This is also another great way to treat a boil. One thing about the tea tree oil that makes it a great natural medicine for the fight against boils is the fact that it has some very strong antiseptic compounds which when applied to the boil accelerates the healing process. The tea tree oil should be applied on the boil three times every day.

Source: Mayo Clinic