How To Improve Your Memory

Simple tips on how to improve your memory.
Simple tips on how to improve your memory.

This is an article on how to improve your memory. At the end of this article you are going to learn some important things on how to have a sharp and retentive memory. Forgetfulness can be quite a frustrating and embarrassing thing. While forgetfulness can seem like something petty and quite harmless, it can be really harmful. There is always a price to pay for being forgetful – some of the prices are bigger than others.

Let us just imagine you are running late for work and you have forgotten where you left the car keys. This scenario is quite petty. But there are others that can be extremely dangerous. Let us imagine you are bathing a baby in the bathtub and you suddenly hear the phone is ringing. You rush to answer the call. Having answered the call, you forget that you have your baby in the bathtub so you talk for so long on the phone. By the time you remember that you left the baby in the bathtub it might just be too late.

From the above example you can clearly see how harmful poor memory can be to an individual and even to a society at large. I have seen so many fire accidents that have been caused by forgetfulness. A man irons his shirt and forgets the iron on and lives for work. By the time he gets back from work disaster has already struck.

In this column, we are going to take a look at how to improve your memory.

How To Have a Retentive Memory

Exercise, exercise and exercise

Scientists have been telling us for ages how important exercise is to our health. Regular exercise will keep the body strong and healthy all the time. According to research, consistent exercise such as brisk walking and running is not only beneficial to the body but also to our brain. The reason exercise is good for our brain is because of the fact that it enables the proper flow of blood and oxygen to our brain. Blood and oxygen are food for the brain and make the brain function very well. So if you are looking for ways to improve your memory, then you must engage in regular exercises.

Nourish your brain with the proper food

This is also another very important way to improve your memory and get a retentive memory. Health experts have said that if we properly fee the brain with the requisite food (brain foods) that it needs then our brains can do wonders for us. There are certain foods like foods rich in protein that are extremely good for the brain. Examples of these foods include beans, groundnuts, fish, blueberries, etc. These foods can make the brain to function very well. For example, blueberries are extremely good for the brain. Many studies have shown that the more blueberries that a person eats, the more the brain is protected from stress and brain problems such as dementia. Other foods that are very good for the brain include avocado, wild salmon, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seed, etc. Let’s take wild salmons for example. They are very good for the health and proper functioning of the brain because they are extremely rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids. Scientists say that any fish that is rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids is extremely good for the proper functioning of the brain. Foods rich in protein are also good for the brain.

Don’t starve yourself

Another simple thing that you can do to improve your memory or brain functioning is to eat well all the time and avoid starving yourself. According to experts, when one is hungry the brain ceases to function properly. It is therefore advisable to avoid skipping meals. Make sure that you eat a healthy diet three times a day. Not only will doing this help your body but it will also make your brain function very well. By the way, haven’t you noticed that you can’t reason properly whenever you are hungry?

Take in lots of water

Did you know that your brain is made up of water? Well, if you did not know then now you know. Water is life and it is good for every part of the body, including the brain too of course! Take in at least eight glasses of water every day and you will gradually start seeing improvement in how your brain functions.

Keep stress away

Stress has also been revealed to contribute to memory problems. Just as stress is bad for your overall health, it is also prevents you from having a sharp memory. This is the reason why health experts have advised that we free ourselves from stress. According to experts, when one is stressed, it reduces the person’s chances of remembering things. I totally agree with this point as I have experienced it on countless of occasions. The more stressed I become, the harder it is for me to remember things. So what I do on such occasions is I find means of getting rid of the stress by engaging in things such as relaxing, listening to music, watching a movie or even taking a short walk around my neighborhood. You can also do the same to do the same each time you find yourself facing stress. And believe me this will help you in your quest to have a sharp and retentive memory. You can also help keep stress at bay by socializing with family members and friends in your leisure time.

Get adequate sleep

Getting adequate sleep on a regular basis is also another very important thing to do when it comes to improving your memory. According to the Mayo Clinic, the average adult need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a day. Now, this is what is considered adequate sleep. When you get adequate sleep every night, it helps in enhancing your memories and sharpening your brain. You should know that just as the body gets tired, the brain also gets tired and therefore needs adequate rest in order to function very well.

Keep the brain active by challenging it

Frequently play brain games. In order to sharpen your brain, it is imperative that you frequently keep it active by engaging in mentally stimulating activities by playing brain games or learning a new skill such as learning how to play a musical instrument. The idea is to challenge your brain with new tasks or information. Studies have shown that frequently engaging in mentally stimulating activities help sharpen the memory. There are many very fun brain games out there. My favorite of all these mentally stimulating games are crossword puzzle games.

The above are some of the best ways to go about improving your memory. Give them a try and they will help you in your quest to improve your memory.