10 Steps on How To Be Pretty

Looking pretty starts on the inside and then emanates to the outside. With a positive self-image and proper personal care you can actually become a classy, sexy and confident outer person that the whole world will admire. Here are ten tips on how to enhance the beauty of the outer package. Be warned that you may attract many people to yourself.

10 Steps on How To Be Pretty


How To Be Pretty? Here are the steps…

Step 1. Clean up yourself

Clean up yourself - How To Be Pretty

It is the most basic act of ensuring person beauty. Personal hygiene not only relaxes your body but also helps you feel sexy and more confident around people. Shower with a scented soap in the morning and apply your favorite body lotion to start your day in a magical way.


Step 2. User a sun cream protector

User a sun cream protector - How To Be Pretty

Wear a moisturizer that contains SPF (Sun Protection Factor) everyday to protect your skin from damage by Ultraviolet rays of the sun. Keep your skin pores clean and your skin healthy by removing makeup every night and allowing it to breathe. Use a makeup remover to remove stubborn facial products such as eyeliner and mascara. To improve your skin’s moisture content eat foods that contain essential fatty acids.


Step 3. Wear make-up everyday

Wear make-up everyday - How To Be Pretty

Apply make-up to enhance your becoming features. For instance, use blush to enhance the cheekbones and eyeliner to enhance your beautiful eyes. When used properly make-up can hide blemishes on the skin. If you have a pimple on the cheek you can hide it with makeup. To look pretty and healthy ensure your makeup looks as natural as possible at all times.


Step 4. Maintain dental hygiene

Maintain dental hygiene - How To Be Pretty

Brush and floss your teeth twice daily with a soft bristle brush. These cleaning habits ensures a healthy mouth and a whiter smile at all times. You can never go wrong if you wear a beautiful, radiating smile.


Step 5. Groom yourself

Groom yourself - How To Be Pretty

Take good care of your hair by having regular hair cuts and using shampoos and other styling products suitable for your hair. Be very cautious in using chemical treatments and hot hair appliances like hair dryers and hot rollers. Too many harsh hair treatments without proper conditioning will make your hair dry and brittle. Also cut your nails neatly and wax your eyebrows for a change. You will instantly look prettier if you rid yourself of stray hairs.


Step 6. Dress for the occasion

Dress for the occasion - How To Be Pretty

Choose the right attire for each occasion and make sure they fits you well. Do not wear baggy clothes or pants which are either too short or too long. Wear shoes that are in good condition and do not have many scuff marks.


Step 7. Drink at-least eight glass of water daily

Drink at-least eight glass of water daily - How To Be Pretty

Your body needs water to function properly and your skin needs water to stay moist. Drinking a lot of water every day makes you feel better overall, and this translates to a pretty outer appearance. As the saying goes, ”Water is life”.


Step 8. Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly - How To Be Pretty

You can swim, jog, roller blade, play tennis or ride a bike. Regular exercising will not only leave you feeling better which will improve your personality (you will smile more) but will also improve your confidence. You will feel more satisfied with yourself and this will influence your posture and how you walk. In addition, you will experience stress-free restful sleep. Now that you know the benefits of exercising, why have you not started?

Step 9. Update your wardrobe regularly

Update your wardrobe regularly - How To Be Pretty

Ensure you have at-least two black outfits in your wardrobe. Besides being the sexiest color on earth black is good in hiding many flaws. Also buy clothes that represent your style well and makes you feel comfortable. Buy jewelry to accessorize your appearance. Be sure to have flat shoes in your wardrobe as they are comfy, cute and easy to wear.


Step 10. Take dance lessons

Take dance lessons - How To Be Pretty

In a dance class you will learn different dance styles and how to dance correctly without stepping on your partner’s feet. You will gain more confidence and you will learn to move in a more sexy and graceful manner. In addition, you will meet many dance partners and this will make you more comfortable when around men.



Its every woman’s dream to look and feel pretty. With a little persistence and careful attention to the above discussed tips you can look fresher, younger and more beautiful always.