How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Body

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Body

So you were driving down at a crazy speed and you got stopped by the FBI, then they start having some sort of weed smell oozing out of you, not sure what it is, they decide to take some test just to be sure what and what could be in your body. Then you start to worry, though you are 100% OK at that moment, but you remembered you had your high school friends over a fortnight ago and you guys had a lot of memories flying about for remembrance and yes! You did it, took marijuana as a part of reuniting and all that. So now while been interrogated with your harsh Smelling perfume so you thought for once again, would this people know that I took weed a fortnight ago? Would they think I just had it now? How could I explain? Oh, snap out of it! Lol, maybe this aren’t your story, maybe it’s someone else’s , maybe you never even tasted marijuana, maybe you are just one philosophizing geek, or maybe just maybe you are having some rampant thoughts and one of them unfortunately had to be the thought of ‘weed’. I’m glad you surfing this up because it’s very grand that the heart asks questions and that we human gets the answer to feed our minds to avoid constant curiosity which could be dangerous for our health you know? So here, let’s not drag out of the main issue; marijuana, weed, ganja … whatever name it is called, YES, smoked, sniffed, powered or blended into meals or drink or even recommended as health related medication. Once taken can be detected in the bloodstream even after the effect has long diminished from the body and you know what I mean, it means that long after the weed user stop feeling high, weed can be detected in the person’s blood stream, how? That’s by using a DRUG TEST. Kindly note that, it is not weed itself that is going to be swimming in your bloodstream physically, it is the active chemical in the marijuana called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that is going to be the evidence of weed in the system through whatever specimen taken from the body, so let’s discuss the discovery methods.

Drug Test

What is a drug test? This is a question and sub topic we had to arrive at. A drug test is simply a medical way of detecting use of hard drugs by a person through taking of samples from the suspected person (or person on whom the test is to be carried out). Drug tests always look THC by scanning any of these; saliva, urine, hair or blood. However, the variation in how long Tetrahydrocannabinol could be detected in these specimens (hair, saliva, urine, blood) will surely blow your mind.


Weed may be discovered by a home saliva drug test and research made it known that, it takes up to 12 hours for weed to start leaving the saliva after this given time, the accuracy of a saliva-based home drug test drops profusely.


Talking about urine drug testing, the level and measurement of weed used by the person being tested can make a big difference in the duration of time which THC can be detected. Weed may stay in one’s urine for as long as 45 days; let’s say between a week and 30 days. A person who uses weed consistently or more frequently could test positive on THC even for up to 3 weeks, a month or more after stopping the habit. Someone who had only used weed just once wouldn’t get a negative drug result for using it once also. A urine test would give a positive result few hours after consumption up to a week or two after using weed.

General Observation/Conclusion

  • Weed would be detected in the urine within 2-5 hours of ingesting it.
  • Weed can stay in your urine for up to 45days
  • Blood, urine, saliva, hair or what have you? The frequency or measurement (i.e. how constant you use weed e.g.; daily, weekly, or once a while and the quantity or dose) of weed taken is the determinant of how long marijuana stays in your system.
  • The blood is responsible for hair growth and nourishment, and if the blood contains THC (evidence of weed), it gets traps in the hair and after a while, the hair will grow once that grown hair get tested, the result would be positive.
  • The hair could test for weed for as long as 90 days or more since our hair grow slower than each other.
  • THC which is the active chemical contained inside weed happens to be a fat soluble and the fat cells inside the body will automatically absorb THC.
  • The more consistent your smoking is, the more your fat cells absorb THC which will in return dissolves into your blood.
  • Rare heavy users who dropped the habit (weed usage) and experienced weight loss had old THC tested in their excrete as a result of heavy fat burned up this is according to a scientist journal.

When testing for weed either on yourself or whoever you want  to test be sure weed testing (especially home test) could be telling you an history instead of a present information.