Health Effects Of Bras On Women

Do you know the health effects of constantly wearing bras?
Do you know the health effects of constantly wearing bras? Not too many women are aware of the fact that they do themselves a great disservice by constantly wearing bras.

Question: Do bras have any negative health effects on women? I have heard numerous stories that constantly wearing a bra – especially a tight one can be detrimental to the health of a female. Are there really any negative health effect of bras on women?


Answer: Over the years, several studies have revealed that women are better off without bras. According to one of the several studies conducted on the health implications of wearing bras – especially the wrong ones, it is better for women not to wear bras as it does not do their busts much help at all.

Professor Jean-Denis Rouilin from the University of Besancon and his team conducted an extensive study into the effects of braziers on the busts and health of females. The main purpose of the study was to prove that women gained no benefit from wearing bras.

The research, which started as far back as in 1997, took a total of 15 years and the monitoring of over hundred women to reach its conclusion. Professor Jean-Denis Rouilin, who is one of the world’s renowned sports science experts, said that his team’s research showed him that braziers are nothing but a false necessity for women. The professor said that women don’t stand to benefit anything from putting on a bra.

Over the years people have said that one of the benefits of wearing bras is that it helps the busts from becoming saggy. But the professor debunked that statement saying that instead of bras helping to keep the bust firm, they rather contribute in making them more saggy.

According to the professor, if you are a woman who hopes to make your busts firmer, then don’t think that the constant wearing of braziers will help you achieve that. For several years, Professor Rouillon and his team of experts carefully monitored 130 women to see the effects that bras had on them.

The women who participated in the professor’s research said that they experienced so many benefits throughout the years that they did not put on braziers. One of the participants said that she did not wear a bra for two years and said the results were extraordinary. She said she no longer experienced as much back pains as she used to. According to her, she is able to breathe more easily because of the absence of bras.

Professor Rouillon’s study isn’t the only study that has revealed that bras are not very healthy for women. Several studies into the health effects of bras have shown similar results. Some studies have even gone as far as linking the constant wearing of bras to breast cancer. But do bras really cause breast cancer? That will be another topic for discussion.