Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

You derive a lot of health benefits by walking barefoot.
You derive a lot of health benefits by walking barefoot.

Are there really any health benefits of walking barefoot?

The above is a question that you hear people ask from time to time. But I find it really amazing that many people still don’t know the immense health benefits that we can easily derive from walking barefoot. In this column, we are going to take a look at some of the amazing benefits of walking barefoot.

Before I continue, I want my readers to know that for millions of years – before civilization, human beings went barefoot everywhere they went. And these people lived healthier lives than us simply because our feet were not made to be put in shoes. We were made to walk on barefoot and not in shoes.

For the records, another name for walking barefoot on a natural surface like soil, sand or grass is earthing. So if you have heard of the term earthing and wondered what it was all about, then you should know it just means walking barefoot. There are several health benefits of earthing.

According to scientists, the likely reason why we obtain several health benefits just by taking off our shoes and slippers and walking barefoot on the ground is because of the fact that the earth has electrons (natural energy), which when we draw into our bodies, massively improve our health. And the best way we can absorb the good electrons (energy) in the earth is by walking barefoot.

What are the health benefits of walking barefoot

Helps fight anxiety and depression

Walking barefoot can help people that are suffering from anxiety and depression. Many people don’t know how important going barefoot is, but according to research, walking barefoot on grass or soil will decrease your anxiety and depression level significantly. According to, walking barefoot can actually reduce your depression level by an amazing 62 percent. Isn’t this one of the best things that you have ever heard? And the best part of it is the fact that it is free.

Gives you energy

Walking barefoot gives you a lot of energy. You just read from the above where I said that the earth contains a great deal of electrons (natural energy) and that walking barefoot puts you in direct contact with this natural energy from the earth. It therefore goes without saying that the more you walk barefoot, the more natural energy you derive from the earth. Whenever you walk barefoot, your body will absorb the electrons from the earth and the more energy you are going to have. That is the reason why people who normally walk barefoot are more energetic and active than those who do not. Have you ever asked yourself why a lot of people from certain extremely remote parts of the world who are not accustomed to wearing shoes and sandals tend to be very healthy and strong? The answer lies in the fact that they barely wear shoes. Some of these people walk for miles upon miles on barefoot. This is exactly what gives them their extraordinary strength, energy and health.

It is good for your heart

Walking barefoot is good for the heart. Several studies conducted on the benefits of walking barefoot have shown that we can reduce our risk of developing heart disease if we frequently walk barefoot. According to these numerous studies, the more we walk barefoot, the more our blood viscosity is decreased. Some of my readers might be wondering what blood viscosity means. Blood viscosity is simply the thickness and stickiness of the blood. The higher our blood viscosity, the higher our risks become of developing heart disease. Scientists say that walking barefoot will increase the surface charge of our red blood cells and ultimately lead to a decrease in blood viscosity, thereby protecting us from suffering from heart disease.

Strengthens the muscles in your feet

Research has proven that walking barefoot helps in strengthening the muscles of the feet. People who regularly walk barefooted can also have the muscles in their ankles and calves strengthened by this action. According to experts, walking barefoot can help prevent problems like knee strain and even back problems.

Helps in giving you a good posture

Another importance of walking barefoot is the fact that it helps you to keep an upright posture and maintain a good balance all because of the feet muscles that have been stretched and strengthened as a result of walking without shoes or sandals.

Fights insomnia

According to many sources, walking barefoot can provide an antidote to insomnia. If you have been battling with insomnia for a while, then why not try walking barefoot because it just my be that remedy you have been looking for. Many advocates of barefoot walking that I interviewed told me of how instrumental walking barefoot helped them with their battle against insomnia. Many say that walking on barefoot during the day helps them to sleep well at night. Personally I don’t have problems with sleeping at night. I sleep very well at night. Maybe this could be as a result of the fact that I frequently walk barefoot.

Brings about total liberation

The last but not least benefit to be derived from walking barefoot is my personal experience. I feel a lot of liberation walking barefooted. It is one of the most liberating feelings that you could ever get. It also helps me to clear my mind. This helps me a lot – especially when I am stressed by work. After a hard and stressful day at work, I get home, take off my shoes and walk barefoot for a while on the sand or grass. Doing this simple thing instantly gives me a great deal of relief from my stress and feels me with a lot of energy. I basically feel rejuvenated after walking for several minutes on barefoot.

I guess that having read this article, you will cultivate the habit of walking barefoot from time to time. I do it very frequently, and I must say that it can be really an enjoyable experience. Not only do I enjoy the above health benefits from doing this, but I also feel a sense of total freedom and a strong connection with nature each time I take off my shoes or sandals and let my feet walk bare on the ground and grass. Try it and you will be glad that you did.