Gold digger: Who is a ‘gold digger’?

Who is a gold digger? A gold digger is a term that is used to refer to a woman – a very attractive woman who makes her living by using her beauty to deceive rich men and get money and other valuables from them.

The term gold digger is highly informal. The formal version of gold digger is of course one who looks for gold in a gold field. So a miner can be called a gold digger. But today, that version of gold digger has given way to the informal version – a woman who enters into relationships with rich men because she wants material benefits from them.

A gold digger is more interested in the material benefits that she will get from a relationship than the relationship itself. Basically this woman enters into a relationship because she wants to make money out of the man.

A gold digger can therefore only be a woman. A male would normally not be called a gold digger even though he enters into a relationship with a rich woman in order to get material benefits. Such a male is called a gigolo.

Gold diggers are normally very attractive women who have no special skill or profession in life. They have only one goal in life, which is to use their extraordinary beauty to hunt for rich men and either enter into a relationship with the man or get married to the man. They hope to get money and expensive gifts from the man while they are still married to him. More often than not, such relationships do not last long.

At the end of the marriage, the gold digger makes sure she gets an appetizing divorce settlement.

After this, she moves on to her next victim.

It is normally a win-win situation for both gold digger and rich man in the sense that the rich man gets to be with a very beautiful woman and the gold digger also gets to make money from the man.

What part of speech is the term “gold digger”?

A gold digger is a noun.

American rapper Kanye West in his hit song ‘Gold Digger’ made the term even more popular.

NB. A gold digger normally does not really love the man she is in a relationship with; she has more love for his money and fame than the man himself.

Also, gold diggers don’t deal with broke men.

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