Forest Whitaker’s Eye

Actor Forest Whitaker
Actor Forest Whitaker

What is wrong with actor Forest Whitaker’s left eye? Everyone who knows of Whitaker knows something distinct about one of his eyes. His left eye is noticeably smaller than his right eye.

What caused Whitaker’s left eye to be smaller than his right eye?

Whitaker suffers from a medical condition technically called ptosis. Ptosis is the drooping or falling of the eyelid. The drooping can affect either the upper or the lower eyelid. When a person suffers from ptosis, the most common symptom is that the affected eye becomes smaller than the other one. Ptosis can also affect both eyes.

Another name for ptosis is the ‘lazy eye’.

According to actor Whitaker, the ptosis in his left eye is a generic thing – something that he was born with.

Many have said that Whitaker’s ptosis of the left eye helped in shaping his career as a successful Hollywood actor because it gives him this intriguing and distinct look.

During an interview, Whitaker said that he was considering undergoing a surgery in order to correct his ptosis. He stressed that if he ever had the surgery, it wouldn’t be because he wanted to enhance his looks but because the ptosis slightly impairs his vision in the left eye.

What causes ptosis?

Ptosis is caused by the weakening of the muscles (the levetor and superior tarsal muscles) responsible for raising the eyelid. If these muscles are too weak to support the eyelid, then the eyelid begins to fall. The weaker the muscles are, the more severe the ptosis becomes.

People can also be born with ptosis, like in the case of actor Forest Whitaker.

Other causes of ptosis include: damage to the muscles that raise the eyelid and exposure to certain snake venoms. A typical example of a snake venom that can cause ptosis is the venom from the black mamba.