Footballer Dies After Collapsing During Match

30-year-old Nigerian defender David Faramola Oniya.
30-year-old Nigerian defender David Faramola Oniya.

David Faramola, a Nigerian footballer tragically died on Saturday during a football match.

According to reports, the 30-year-old collapsed on the pitch suddenly while playing for his Malaysian club T-Team.

Local media reports that 30-year-old Oniya, who was the captain of his team, collapsed just three minutes after the match between T-Team and Kelentan started. Oniya was quickly rushed to the hospital in an ambulance but was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The match was abandoned as soon as the news of Oniya’s passing was heard.

Oniya, who was a defender, joined T-Team only this season.

RIP David Oniya. Our deepest condonlences go to Oniya’s friends and family.