Foods That Can Make Your Breasts Larger

Foods that make your bust biggerI guess you never knew that there are certain types of foods that you can eat that can naturally enhance the size of the breasts. I was amazed myself when I got to know that it is not only through cosmetic surgery that a woman could enhance the size of her breasts. Apparently there are natural ways to get the job done. And that is what we are going to take a look at in this article.

Types of food that naturally enhance the size of breasts

  1. Meat is a natural breast enlarger. Believe it or not but the meat that we have in our markets today have been exposed to contain hormones which contribute to making young women’s breasts becoming larger. According to some very prominent blogs online such as The Wellness Mythbuster, and, hormones are being added to certain types of meats such as poultry and beef. Research has it that eating a huge amount of these types of meat frequently can contribute in a young woman’s breasts naturally increasing in size. According to piece published on, the average size of a young woman’s breasts has increased over the past twenty years because of the increase in hormones in our meats. The site said that the average natural size of a woman’s breasts two decades ago was 34B but as of today it has increased to 36C thanks to the high levels of hormones being added to meats. So it goes without saying that eating more beef and poultry will result in a girl or young woman getting a larger breast.
  2. Eating sesame seeds is said to be another natural way to increase the size of your breasts. According to, the sesame seeds are very effective in making a woman’s breasts larger and also making them firmer. The oil from the seeds when applied to the breasts can also enhance the size and make them firmer.
  3. Consuming certain herbs such as Fenugreek, fennel and even certain types of wild yams are also said to be very good for enhancing the breast size. Fennel for instance is said to be also good for breastfeeding mothers because it helps them to produce more milk for their babies.

So there you are, with some three foods that can naturally enhance breast size. If you are a lady who feels uncomfortable with the size of your bosom and intend to enhance it then I recommend you try some of the above foods before graduating to breast augmentation surgery. I personally don’t recommend breast augmentation surgeries because they are very expensive and can be very risky. I have heard countless of stories of young women losing their precious lives just because something went wrong during cosmetic surgeries to enhance the size of their breasts.