Difference Between A Tabloid and A Broadsheet

TabloidsWhat is a tabloid? What is a broadsheet? Are they both the same thing? The simple answer to the latter question is that they are not the same thing. There is a vast or rather yawning difference between a tabloid and a broadsheet. Although they are both newspapers, their layouts are not the same, and that is what causes the main difference between them.

The tabloid newspaper

A tabloid newspaper is about half the size of a normal newspaper. This means tabloid newspapers are smaller than broadsheet newspapers. The tabloid newspaper is typically printed on an A3 paper.

Characteristics of the tabloid newspaper

  • The tabloid newspaper has an average paper size of 30cm by 40 cm.
  • Tabloid newspapers contain more photographs than broadsheet newspapers.
  • The front page of a tabloid newspaper contains a great deal of pictures. Over 50 percent of tabloid front-pages contain interesting pictures of famous people (celebrities).
  • The content of a tabloid newspaper is not mainly on serious issues. The content is full of entertaining and fascinating stories about celebrities and other figures. They contain a lot of scandalous stories on celebrities and public figures.
  • Tabloid stories are sensational and the language that is used is so simple and colloquial that even less educated people understand it perfectly.
  • The majority of readers of tabloid are ordinary people.
  • Tabloid newspapers are more colorful than broadsheets.
  • Information in the tabloids are often exaggerated in order to increase newspaper sales.
  • Tabloids are more interesting and fun to read than broadsheets.

The broadsheet newspaper

The broadsheet newspaper publishes more serious news stories in an in-depth manner. The broadsheet has a larger format than the tabloid. It has an average paper size of 38cm by 61cm. Broadsheet newspapers are generally printed on A2 papers.

Characteristics of the broadsheet newspaper

  • The broadsheet has majority of its readers to be educated people and people in authority unlike the tabloid whose readers are made up of mainly ordinary and less educated people.
  • The news stories in broadsheet newspapers are mainly serious stories.
  • The news stories in a broadsheet are concise and straight to the point. The language is more formal than that of a tabloid.
  • Broadsheets are bigger than tabloids because they contain more content.
  • Broadsheet newspapers are taken more seriously by the general public than tabloids.
  • Broadsheets tell more truth than tabloids, which normally exaggerate the truth or sometimes mix the truth with some lies.
  • Many broadsheets focus a great deal on politics and foreign affairs whereas a tabloid has majority if not all of its content focusing on entertainment and celebrity news.

The above are the main differences between a tabloid and a broadsheet.