Diddy vs Sal Alosi: Diddy Was Humiliated By Coach Before He Attacked Him

Rap mogul Diddy and his son Justin Combs.
Rap mogul Diddy and his son Justin Combs.

We have all heard by now of rap mogul Diddy’s arrest after he physically attacked UCLA football coach Sal Alosi.

We earlier reported that the attack started after Alosi screamed violently at Diddy’s son Justin Combs during training. But new reports coming in go further to state the real reason why Diddy got so furious to the point where he allegedly attacked Alosi with a kettlebell weight.

According to these reports, not only did coach Alosi scream violently at Justin but he also allegedly humiliated Diddy in front of his son and the entire team.

UCLA strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi during
UCLA strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi during practice. The grey shirt Alosi is wearing is the same shirt that Diddy allegedly tore during the attack.

According to TMZ and other news sources, while screaming at Justin during the training session, coach Alosi angrily told Justin that he didn’t care whether his rap mogul dad was present. “This is UCLA,” coach Alosi reportedly said. “I’m going to treat you just like I treat everyone else.”

These words of course didn’t go down well with Diddy who was watching the practice from the sidelines. Diddy reportedly felt that coach Alosi had one aim which was to humiliate him and his son in front of the entire team.

After the training session was over, Diddy and his son reportedly followed coach Alosi into his office, where Diddy allegedly attacked him.

Coach Alosi reportedly suffered minor cuts to his face and a torn shirt as a result of the attack.