Boxing Champion Anthony Small On Trial For Plans To Join ISIS

Former British boxing champion Anthony Small.
Former British boxing champion Anthony Small.

News reaching us from the United Kingdom has it that former British boxing champion Anthony Small is on trial in England for trying to sneak his way out of Britain to Syria to join terrorist group ISIS.

33-year-old Small and two others were arrested in England after authorities caught them trying to forge documents which would enable them to make their way illegally from England to Syria to join the terror group.

According to prosecutors, the former boxing champion, who was arrested last year on terror-related charges, tried smuggling himself and other jihadists out of the United Kingdom into Syria to perform terrorist acts in support of ISIS.

Small and the two other men have denied all the allegations against them.

It is worth noting that Small converted to Islam at the age of 24. In 2012, Small released a video in which he told the world that he quit boxing because it was a sport which was held in venues promoted things such as gambling and alcohol which Islam frowns upon.

Over the years, Small, who is now known as Abdul Haqq, has been an outspoken supporter of ISIS. He even went to the extent of releasing a video last year in support of ISIS. In the video, Small said the beheadings of American journalists Steven Sotloff and James Foley by ISIS were a form of “retaliation” and weren’t unprovoked.