Best Way To Remove Skin Scars

Do you have scars on your skin? And are you looking for the best way to remove skin scars? In this article we shall introduce to you our cherished readers one of the best way to go about treating and removing the scars on your skin.

The skin is such a beautiful thing, and everyone wants their skin to remain healthy and beautiful looking all the time. But unfortunately skin beauty can be marred by the slightest form of burn, cut, surgery or any form of trauma to it – a scar.

There are several types of scars, amongst which include Keloid scars – the commonest form of scars of the skin. Since we are not ready to talk about the types of scars yet, we shall say no more on this issue, but rather focus the rest of the discussion on the best and most effective way to remove scars on the skin.

Like was said earlier, there are several ways one can go about removing scars on his or her skin. Many times, in our attempts to get rid of scars on the skin, we end up going for prescription creams, gels or ointments that are prescribed for the removal of scars. But the sad thing here is that most of the time these creams and gels just don’t get the job done as we would like them to. This therefore leaves us wondering what next to do to remove those ugly and highly annoying scars.

If you have ever found yourself in such a situation – where you have tried every thing possible to remove your scars but to no avail, I want to let you know that all hope is not lost, for there is something that works effectively in the treatment of most forms of scars on the skin.

The name of this something is Sandalwood. Some of you might have heard of the name sandalwood before whereas others might have never heard of it.

So what is sandalwood?

Sandalwood is simply the name given to a certain group of fragrant woods from trees in the genus Santalum. Therefore sandalwood is a plant. But in this article we are not interested in the Sandalwood itself; what we are interested in is the essential oils derived from the sandalwood. You see the essential oils extracted from the sandalwood plants are very healthy and can be used for so many important purposes.

The essential oils gotten from sandalwood are mostly used in traditional herbal medicines for the treatment of urogenital diseases and skin diseases. The sandalwood oil is also a very popular ingredient used in the preparation of soaps.

What sandalwood actually does is it performs an antimicrobial activity which is used clear acne – pimples and spots from the skin.

The health benefits of sandalwood essential oil are plenty. In some other write-up we shall take a look at some of these health benefits but for now we are more concerned about how to remove scars on the skin.

A lot of trees contain this sandalwood. The majority of these species of trees containing sandalwood are mostly found in India. But don’t be alarmed yet! You do not necessarily have to travel to India in order to get sandalwood oil as you can get these in major health shops around you.

How to use sandalwood essential oils to treat scars on the skin

The steps are pretty simple. All you need to do are the following:

  1. Get yourself the essential oil of sandalwood and any base or carrier oils such as grape seed oil or sweet almond oil
  2. Because of how strong the sandalwood essential oil is, there is the need to use a base or carrier oil such as grape seed oil to dilute it
  3. Mix the sandalwood essential oil with the carrier oils
  4. With a cotton ball, apply the mixture on the parts of your skin where you have the scars
  5. Let the mixture remain on the skin for about15 minutes before washing it off with cool water and drying the area

You should do this every morning and evening and gradually you will begin to notice that the scar on your skin will start disappearing.

WARNING: Before using sandalwood essential oil on your skin to treat scars, it is highly important that you seek the advice of your doctor. The reason I am saying this is because some people with certain health issues are not supposed to use this oil as it can worsen their conditions.

Now, before you go shopping for sandalwood essential oils, I’d like to caution you on its use.

  • Sandalwood oil is extremely strong and should never be used on the skin without properly diluting it in carrier oil. I stress on this point again – It is always a must that you properly dilute the sandalwood oil with carrier oil before applying it on your skin else depending on the strength of your skin you will end up suffering from serious skin irritation or burn.
  • Some people may still experience some sort of mild and not serious skin irritation upon the application of diluted sandalwood oil on their skin.
  • Lastly, it is not advisable for people with kidney disease to use sandalwood oil as it could deteriorate their health.