Best Cordless Facial Epilators Reviews

Body hairs for most, if not all, men is a normal thing and they are not in the slightest bothered by them. For women, however, body hairs are an entirely different story. While it’s true that women want to have thick locks and bolder eyebrows, the hairs on the bikini area, legs, armpits, and especially the face is a huge no-no. Although there are some who embrace their body hairs like they’re just nothing, many women go through the extra lengths just to have their “excess” hairs removed. Nowadays, hair tweezing is no longer as time-consuming and as taxing as it used to be. Epilators, since it was first introduced in Israel in the 80s, have gone through countless improvements to better provide comfort and efficacy to its users.

What really is an epilator and how does it work? An epilator is a hair removal tool that comes in different shapes and sizes. Just like waxing, hair-tweezing, and threading, it is an effective hair removal technique because it pulls out the hair from their roots. It works by grabbing and pulling multiple hairs at the same time through its rotating multiple tweezer-like feature on its head. More and more women have opted to buy themselves their own facial and body epilators for several reasons, of which three are the following:

First, is its practicality. Although waxing and threading are fairly as effective, they can be fairly expensive when all the costs are added up.

Second, is the convenience it provides. You will no longer be needing to go to the salon or a waxing clinic to get your facial plus body hairs removed. No need for making appointments and you can also bring it with you wherever you go. You can epilate at the comfort of your own home or at the office when the need arises. With its handy size, it won’t be a bother at your own workspace.

And third, epilators work like magic on facial hairs. For women who have tried shaving their facial hairs off, they knew the trouble doesn’t end after shaving. Some time after the procedure, the hair grows back into a stubble. Waxing and creams, although may be effective, can cause irritation.

Choosing an epilator can be quite confusing. It is important to get a cordless epilator if you want one that can be used both wet and dry. This way, you can pluck out hair while taking or after a shower. So here are the top 3: facial epilators you can choose from.

Braun Silk Epilator 9


This epilator is a best seller and a top choice among women. It is 100% waterproof so it works well in both wet and dry. It has a pivoting head which makes epilation anywhere in the body much easier to do. Another great feature it has is its precise ability to remove shorter hair, four times better than what waxing can do. It also illuminates on tiny hairs that may have been overlooked so you will never have to miss a spot! Just make sure to fully charge it to extend its battery life to 40 minutes non-stop use.

Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry Epilator

This device is designed to make epilation a more comfortable process. While it is gentle on the skin, it is firm in gripping even the tiniest and finest hairs that waxing will not be able to do. Because of its removable ceramic discs. When fully, charged, it can run up to 40 minutes non stop as well.

Emjoi Epi Slim

This cordless battery-operated epilator is not just for home use but is also perfect to bring when traveling with its ultra slim shape.It is designed for the sensitive areas in the face and in bikini areas in the body. Although it may also be used on the legs, it may take a little longer compared to the other epilators in the market due to its lesser number of tweezers.

All these devices come in sets that include other tools you can attach to the device to perform its other features. Choose an epilator set that not only meets your epilation needs but also fits right into your budget.

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