Bespectacled: Meaning of Bespectacled

What is the meaning of ‘bespectacled’? What does it mean when we say that someone is bespectacled?

To be bespectacled is a formal way of saying that someone is wearing glasses or spectacles. If you are wearing a pair of glasses, then you can be said to be bespectacled.

Anybody who is bespectacled is wearing glasses or spectacles. It is from the noun ‘spectacles’ that we get the adjective ‘bespectacled’.

What part of speech is bespectacled?

Bespectacled is an adjective. As an adjective, the word ‘bespectacled’ will always describe a noun or pronoun.

Examples of bespectacled in sentences:

  • That is the man I was talking about; the bespectacled man over there.
  • He is bespectacled.
  • The bespectacled boy standing next to John is my brother.
  • The grandmother turned her bespectacled face towards the child and smiled.
  • He is a bespectacled young computer wizard who can do anything with the computer.
  • He seems to have a thing for bespectacled young women.
  • John’s bespectacled brother won the quiz.
  • I wonder why brilliant professors are usually portrayed as crazy bespectacled people in movies.

From the examples above, you will notice that the word ‘bespectacled’ is describing only nouns or pronouns. This is what makes the word an adjective.