Beautiful People With Bad Breath

Have you ever talked with someone who has very bad breath or halitosis? How did you feel talking with such a person? Was it a wonderful experience? Or was it an experience that you’d never want to encounter again? I know how you must have felt because I have experienced this on countless of occasions. I must confess I find it extremely difficult to describe exactly how I actually feel when I find myself in such encounters. It is an extremely nauseating experience.

I will tell you of a story of one such dreadful experiences. I remember one time I was at a train station and a well-dressed guy suddenly walked over to me, asking for the direction to a place that he wanted to go. I was so shocked by his bad breath that I almost puked right in front of him. But the problem was I could not let him know his breath smelled very bad as it would seem so rude and end up embarrassing him. It was really a nauseating experience for me that I will never forget.
So I courageously listened to the question that he asked me under his extremely foul breath. All this time I was not breathing. I swear if I had breathed I would have vomited right in front of him. I couldn’t focus. I wanted to cut the conversation short as soon as possible.
Fortunately for me, I knew the exact direction to where he was going so I quickly directed him there and he went away. Finally I could literally breathe easily once again. I felt so relieved. The walking nightmare had finally gone. But sadly he would go and cause problem to someone else with his bad breath.

That wasn’t the only episode that I had with people with bad breath or halitosis. There have been several other episodes that I shudder to even think about.
I have noticed that bad breath is of late becoming something that is really rampant. According to an article I read recently on a health magazine, nearly half of all adults are plagued with the problem of bad breath or halitosis. It is a really scary figure if you asked me. One major problem with bad breath is that you might have it and not even know that you have the dreaded thing.

Causes of bad breath
In my little research I have noticed that majority of people suffering from bad breath is as a result of poor oral hygiene. Keeping a good oral hygiene is a pretty simple thing, but it is sad to know that many people just don’t have the time to do something as simple as taking their time to properly clean their mouth. I stress on this again – many people don’t go about cleaning their mouths the proper way – especially when it comes to cleaning the tongue.

A dentist will tell you that the surface of our tongues are just like a sponges, which can store a lot of food particles and odor causing bacteria. Now a mixture of decayed food particles plus odor causing bacteria can result to only one thing which is – halitosis or bad breath. I think that if we want to get rid of bad breath, one of the best ways to go about it is by having time to clean our tongues properly. If the tongue is cleaned properly I think that we can significantly reduce our risks of suffering from the disgraceful problem of bad breath or halitosis.

Don’t get me wrong, for it is not only the tongue that causes bad breath. There are a whole lot of other factors which cause bad breath.
Tell me readers, have you ever come across anyone with bad breath? If so tell me how did you feel?