Bad Smell After Sneezing

By | March 28, 2013

bad smelling sneezeDoes your sneeze smell bad? If you answered YES to this question then this article is what you need. Many people all over the world suffer from the problem of bad smelling sneeze. Each time they sneeze, it gives out a very bad smell; and they don’t know what to do about. They move from one health center to the other seeking solution but to no avail. Some end up getting fed up and accepting their bad smelling sneeze as something totally normal. But the question many people ask is whether it is a normal thing?

The simple answer to the above question is a stinky sneeze although is a common thing is not supposed to be normal. It is embarrassing. Imagine you are in the midst of a lot of people and you happen to sneeze and then everybody there has to cover their nose because your sneeze stinks bad. That is indeed a really embarrassing situation.

The main purpose of this article is to educate the general public on the causes of bad smelling sneeze. Believe me after doing a thorough research into the issue of stinky sneezes, I came up with a lot of causes – causes I will surely talk about. So if you are a person suffering from bad smelling sneeze then just keep your fingers crossed and you will be glad you did, for not only are we going to take a look at what causes a sneeze to smell bad but also we will take a look at some solutions to bad smelling sneeze.

But before we delve into the causes and solutions let us look at what a sneeze actually is. The technical name for a sneeze is sternutation. A sneeze is a reflex action which comes about as a result of foreign particles getting into the nasal mucosa. When this happens the foreign particles cause an irritation leading a person to sneeze, in other words expel air forcefully from the lungs through the nose and mouth.

So many things can cause a person to sneeze. Some of the common causes of sneeze are allergies, viral infections or a sudden change in temperature level from high to low can also cause a person to start sneezing. There are other things that will make a person sneeze, but the above are the paramount.

Now that we have found out how a sneeze occurs and what causes a person to sneeze, let us take a look at the causes of bad smelling sneeze.

Why is there a bad smell after I sneeze?

The above is a question that is asked on a daily basis by millions of people all over the world. During my research, I spoke with numerous experts in this field. I asked them one main question, “what causes a sneeze to smell bad?”

According to the numerous doctors that I interviewed, there are so many reasons why sneezes smell bad. Among the numerous things that lead to a bad smelling sneeze are the following two very common things:

  1. Sinus infection – According to doctors, nasal or sinus infection is one of the biggest reason people suffer from sneezes that stink. The reason a sinus infection can lead to a bad smell after sneezing is because of the fact that sinus infections come with stagnant nasal and sinus secretions that become stale in the nose and develop bad smell. The smell can be extremely horrible sometimes. When a person with this condition therefore sneezes, the stinky secretions in the nose are released with force, and that is what causes the sneeze to smell very bad. Sinus infection is a common cause of bad smelling sneeze. Sinus infections can also lead to a person developing bad breath or halitosis. A great number of people who visit their doctors because of bad smelling sneeze are normally found to be suffering from infections in the sinuses. The solution to a bad smelling sneeze caused by sinus infection is to visit an ENT specialist and they will give you medications that will solve the problem. An ENT is the acronym for Ear, Nose and Throat.
  2. Bad breath or halitosis has also been proven to be one of the biggest causes of a bad smelling sneeze. I know someone might be asking just about now how bad breath can make a person’s sneeze to stink. But the reason is this. Do you know that when we sneeze, saliva is forced out from our nose and mouth? Now if saliva is forced out when we sneeze, then imagine if a person has bad breath or halitosis and the person sneezes? It goes without saying that the stinky saliva from the bad breath will be released into the air with the force of the sneeze. The bad smelling saliva ends up making the air around the sneezer with a bad breath to stink just like their breath. It is very simple.bad smelling sneeze 2Anybody with a bad breath that sneezes is going to have a bad smell after sneezing. And the solution to this problem is to make sure that you have a good smelling breath all the time. If you are a person who constantly suffers from bad breath, then it is important that you start practicing good dental hygiene now. Take time to brush your teeth and tongue twice a day. Do not smoke, for smoking contributes to bad breath. Regularly visit your dentist.
  3. Dental and gum diseases can also contribute to bad smelling sneezes.
  4. Accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tract has also been shown to cause bad smelling sneeze.

My simple advice to all who are suffering from a foul smelling sneeze is to first visit an ENT doctor or specialist. The specialist will examine you thoroughly and advice you on what to do.

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