Advantages and Disadvantages of Hard Water

advantages and disadvantages of hard waterWhat is hard water? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of hard water?

Hard water is water that finds it very difficult to lather quickly with soap. Any water that behaves this way is referred to as hard water. The opposite of hard water is soft water.

Hard water has certain advantages and disadvantages which we have listed below:

The advantages of hard water

  1. Hard water is good for making our bones and teeth stronger when we drink it. The reason hard water is capable of doing this is because it contains high amounts of calcium and iron, which are good for the bones and teeth. This means the more hard water you drink, the stronger your bones and teeth are going to become.
  2. Hard water does not dissolve lead, and as a result of this it does not lead to lead poisoning if lead pipes are used in transferring the water into households.
  3. Hard water tastes better than soft water.
  4. Hard water is generally safer for drinking than soft water.

The disadvantages of hard water

  1. Since hard water does not lather easily with soap, it wastes a great deal of soap when it is used in washing. It therefore is not economical to be used in washing.
  2. It is not advisable to use hard water in washing white fabrics since it tends to stain white fabrics by making them appear grey. More often than not when you use hard water to wash your white clothes, you are going to see the clothes turning grey after you have washed them. This is what hard water often does to white fabrics.
  3. Hard water is not good for dyeing materials. This is why the dyeing industry doesn’t use it to work.
  4. Hard water forms annoying limescales in containers such as kettles, pots, pipes, etc.

NOTE: Hard water can be made soft by doing the following things to it:

  1. By heating or boiling it
  2. By adding calcium hydroxide to it
  3. By adding sodium trioxocarbonate to it
  4. By distilling it

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