7 Surprising Health Benefit of Desserts

Any celebration is incomplete without a dessert. This delectable dish creates a strong sense of goodness.

A dessert not only pleases our taste buds but also triggers that feel-good factor. Eating a dessert is always healthy unless you become a gourmand.

As you read through the list, you will be in awe that sweets offer variety of health benefits too –

  1. Healthful Breakfast Partner

You are always told to include more carbohydrates and calories in your breakfast. This is to ensure you don’t run out of stamina during the day.

By adding sweets into your morning meal, your body gets the energy to carry out everyday tasks. It curbs your hunger, helping you to cut down on needless eating.

For example – a breakfast packed with pudding gives sufficient energy to last long. There is a little chance of feeling exhaustive even at fag end of the day.

You now have a better excuse to eat those pies which tempts you the most.

2. A Storehouse of Nutrients

Desserts are power-packed with nutrients. Sugary substances are high in calories but composed of nutrients which your body need the most.

A dessert provides essential nutrition to body and brain. It also helps in promoting strong immune function and right cholesterol levels.

Sweets such as pumpkin pie are rich source of necessary fiber, antioxidant and vitamins.

Cheesecakes, parfaits and smoothies can be made with low fat milk. Their recipes and preparations aren’t any complex either.

Yogurt also provides valuable amounts of protein and calcium.

3. Help In Controlling Weight

It’s time to break the mindset that consuming desserts will make you gain weight. According to a study by ScienceDirect, eating dessert with breakfast helps you in reducing weight.

When you quit desserts, you might attain short term fitness goals. It happens because the body responds to small amounts of desserts that satisfy its own appetite.

Moreover, sweets provide with the psychological edge to stay motivated without derailing your eating plans.

So with every bite of cake, you can actually start slimming your waistline.
4. Fight Mood Swings

A bite of chocolate gives you a great level of happiness. But have you ever thought what gives you this feeling?

The desserts and food rich in carbohydrates cause the brain to produce chemicals- serotonin and tryptophan, which promotes emotional wellbeing in individuals.

As a result, you handle your moods swings effectively, keeping yourself cheerful most of the day.

In fact, sweets also make you feel lighter.

5. Healthy Brain

The health benefits of dark chocolate are manifolds.

Chocolate contain antioxidant called flavonoids which prevents and repairs oxidative damage to cells caused by the free radicals in the body.

It also helps in increasing good cholesterol levels in the body. Food Containing cocoa promotes thinning of the blood which prevents clots forming – a primary cause of heart attack and stroke.
6. Diet without Side-effects

Dieting increases the feeling of sluggishness and distraction. By reducing the intake of carbs and sugar, you deprive your body of necessary glucose.

The craving for desserts is hard to resist. But when we include them in our diet plan (very small quantities), it keeps us going. We then take up other tasks willingly and with a glee. (daily exercising for instance)

The side effect of dieting can actually be curbed when you add sweets in your meals.
7. Balanced Diet

Many people don’t eat desserts because they are only aware of its ill-effects. This results in two things. One – they tend to increase intake of other foods, making their diet unbalanced. Two – they get nutrient deficient with time.

Rather than to completely avoid your favorite cookies, focus on eating less.

Remember, your body needs a mix of all nutrients to function properly.

This writeup is sure to give confidence to people who cannot resist their craving for sweets. They now have a healthy reason after all.

And all those who have been avoiding desserts until now, they need to understand that a sugary bite every now and then doesn’t harm.