Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

There are actually plants that do great jobs in repelling mosquitoes. We call them mosquito repelling plants. With these plants you do not need a commercial insecticide or a mosquito repellent while you are outside relaxing or working in your garden. These mosquito repelling plants save you from being disturbed by the pesky and dangerous mosquitoes. I consider them one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts to mankind against mosquitoes.

I’d like to use this piece to introduce to my readers some good mosquito repelling plants that drive away mosquitoes from your environment with the speed of light. The plants are so powerful that the mere sight and smell of them will send mosquitoes fleeing your environment and leaving you in peace and health.

There are so many of these kinds of plants, but here I have listed 6 of the most effective plants that repel mosquitoes, and they are as follows:

  1. citronellaCitronella is a plant that performs wonders when it comes to controlling mosquitoes in your environment. Citronella is actually a type of grass that can grow to about 5 to 6 feet tall. It is quite a common grass found in so many regions. The oil derived from the citronella plant is used a lot by companies to manufacture commercial mosquito repellants. Citronella has a very strong and unique smell, and it is its smell that makes it a very effective mosquito repellent. You can grow the citronella plant anywhere, providing the plant is supplied with the three favorable conditions for plants to grow – water, a fertile soil and sunlight. You can also purchase citronella in its nursery form in pots which you can then transplant to larger pots or directly into your garden. If you have the citronella plant around you, there is absolutely no way mosquitoes will come around.
  2. MarigoldMarigolds – these are very beautiful plants that bear nice yellow or orange flowers. What makes the marigold plant a very good natural mosquito repellent is because of its smell which mosquitoes are very allergic to. Studies have shown that marigolds contain a compound called Pyrethrum which contributes massively to the plant’s distinctive smell and which helps in repelling mosquitoes. Pyrethrum is a very common ingredient used in so many commercial repellents for mosquitoes and other insects. Marigolds are very easy to plant. All they need to thrive is a fertile soil, sunlight and an adequate supply of water. You can get the marigold seeds from any garden center nearby. You can plant marigolds in flower pots or containers or right in your garden. You can prevent mosquitoes from entering your home by placing the pots or containers containing marigold near the entrances to your home such as the doors and windows. You can even decorate the outside of your home by planting the marigold plants around the house. Marigolds do not only repel mosquitoes but numerous other types of insects.
  3. horsemintHorsemint – this plant is also known as Lemon balm or Beebalm. It is a plant that lives for several years. Over the years, the horsemint plant has been used by many tribes all over the world to effectively repel mosquitoes. The horsemint or Lemon balm plant performs its job of repelling mosquitoes by giving off a very strong and unique smell, which is almost like the smell of incense. The smell is so strong that mosquitoes cannot stand it. Horsemint is a very strong plant that grows very fast and can even survive in drought. The plant can grow up to the height of between two and three feet. You can plant horsemints anywhere in your garden or around your house. The only downside to the horsemint is that it attracts bees and butterflies.
  4. CatnipCatnip – this plant is one of the best natural mosquito repellents that you can plant around your home. Catnips are very effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay. They are quite easy to grow and can survive for several years since they are perennial plants. According to studies, the oil extracted from the catnip plant is ten times more powerful in repelling mosquitoes than the chemical DEET that is found in many commercial insect repellents.  You can plant catnips anywhere – in your garden or around your home. Catnips are indeed one of the best natural mosquito repellents that you can get around your home and in your garden. Lest I forget, I think I should let you know one interesting thing about the catnip plant. Catnips, while they repel mosquitoes, attract cats. Cats are crazy about catnips, and probably that is how the plant got its name. So you should expect to see some cats around when you grow catnips. I hope you like cats. They are adorable creatures.
  5. ageratumAgeratum – this is also another very effective natural mosquito repellent. The ageratum plant can also be called Flossflower. Ageratum is an ornamental plant that drives away mosquitoes with its peculiar scent – a smell that mosquitoes abhor. It is for this reason that many commercial mosquito repellent manufacturers use certain compounds from it in manufacturing their products. You can plant ageratum in your garden or in strategic positions around your house and save yourself from the irritating and deadly mosquitoes around you. YES mosquitoes can be very deadly. Mosquitoes are killing millions of people in Africa every year!
  6. LavenderLavender – mosquitoes hate the scent of this sweet smelling plant called lavender. The lavender plant is the most pleasant smelling plant on earth, which makes me wonder why mosquitoes and some insects cannot stand the smell. Maybe because the smell is too strong for them. You can plant this sweet smelling plant in your garden and in containers which you can place in your home to repel mosquitoes. You can also crush some lavender leaves and smear the liquid on your body to repel mosquitoes.

These plants are so effective in repelling mosquitoes, and also they are very easy to grow in your gardens and around your house. Give them a try and you will be glad that you did. Not only will you avoid the annoying buzzing of mosquitoes around your ears but you are also going to be saved from a serious sickness like malaria, which is killing millions of people all over the world every year.