10 Tips on How to Move to Canada and Become a Canadian Citizen

Are you planning on moving to Canada? Well, just like other countries it is not easy becoming a Canadian citizen as there several requirements that you have to produce or portray so as to become one. Some of the requirements are that you have to stay in Canada for six good years before you fully become a Canadian citizen and also ensure that you have a good conduct as well. The other requirement is that you have to have knowledge about Canada such as their laws and way of life.

Let’s look at some tips you can use to move to Canada and become a citizen.

1Ensure you are not a Canadian citizen.

It is advisable that before you start to go through all the processes required for you to a Canadian to take up a short quiz. The questions are based on if you were born there or if your parents lived there before. And if your family lived there, it would be much easier to acquire a citizenship if your Canadian citizenship was never revoked at any given time.


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