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Why Are Some Medicines Taken On Empty Stomach?

Sometimes you get a prescription from the doctor and the doctor tells you to take a particular medicine after meals and tells you to take another one first thing in the morning before any meal. Why is it that some medicines are taken on an empty stomach?

According to health experts, the reason why some medicines must be taken on an empty stomach or before any meal is because of the fact that some medicines are not compatible with food in the stomach. Such medicines cannot work effectively if food is in the stomach.

Doctors say that all medicines that are to be taken “before food” or “on an empty stomach” must be done exactly so because for such medicines, food negatively affects the way they work. The effectiveness of the medicine is reduced if you eat before taking them. The food in the stomach will prevent the body from fully absorbing the medicine and therefore prevent the patient from being cured or healed by the medicine.

It is for this reason that certain medications are to be taken before food or on an empty stomach.

More often than not, these medicines are taken thirty minutes to an hour before meal. They can also be taken a few hours after a meal.

It is imperative that one always follows the instructions that come along with a medication. If you are to take your medicine on an empty stomach, you should do so and vice versa.

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